Welcome to Distech Controls’ SmartInstaller.

This page allows you to run SmartInstaller directly from your Internet browser.

The SmartInstaller, is an “intelligent application” that provides a simple and efficient method of installing and updating all Distech Controls applications, wizards and LNS plug-ins. Once installed, the SmartInstaller will automatically verify the state of installed files and prompt you when updated versions are available for download from our website.

The following is available through the SmartInstaller:
  • EC-NetAX Pro and Supervisor
  • Lonwatcher and Londisplay
  • EC-NetAX Support Pack
  • Productivity Enhancing Tools
  • Configuration wizards
  • EC-NetAX wizards and LNS plug-ins for programming and configuration
  • EC-gfxProgram, graphical programming interface
  • Specific applications such as .apb, .nxe and .xif files
  • And much more
Current version: 2.9.12201
Last update: Thursday, July 19, 2012

For all Windows versions except Windows XP
Under certain circumstances, the SmartInstaller will need to be run with administrative privileges. Use the following procedure when you encounter problems with unauthorized accesses or permissions:
  1. Download the SmartInstaller patch to your desktop.
  2. Extract the zip file on your desktop.
  3. When you want to run SmartInstaller, right click on the 'Launch SmartInstaller' icon and select 'Run as Administrator'.